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Overview and Philosophy

Since 2001, when Motswedi Securities opened its doors for trade, we have maintained a simple philosophy for our existence.

In short, our business exists to create Wealth. This we do through our extensive Insight on appropriate Investment opportunities on the Botswana Stock Exchange and on other exchanges around the world. Our work and efforts are tailored to allow our clients to Achieve their goals of wealth creation and Success.

We call this Philosophy our WIIAS pillars. WIIAS pronounced "why-us". "Why us?" Is the question that any business that occupies a leadership role, like Motswedi Securities, must continually ask itself. As by not asking the question complacency begins to creep in. We ask our self this question all the time. The answer to this question has resulted in the large number of innovative product offerings that we have available to our clients.

Institutional Stock - Broking
Private Client Stock - Broking
Bond Trading
Corporate Action Sponsor
Motswedi Securities Trust
Private Client Wealth Management

These products and many more have helped us achieve our WIIAS pillars of:


This for the benefit our or clients today and into the future.

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