About Us

Motswedi Securities (Pty) Limited is a leading Botswana citizen-owned stockbrokerage firm and with a reputation for excellence in creating wealth for our clients. Indeed, we believe this is the very reason for our existence, an inherent desire and expertise to create wealth for those whom we have the privilege of working with.

A member of the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE), we offer quality service to individuals and institutions who seek to gain wealth by:

  • Trading of listed equities, primarily on the Botswana Stock Exchange.
  • Trading of other BSE listed securities such as corporate and Botswana Government bonds and ETF’s.
  • Providing our clients with research of the highest quality.

On the primary issuance side, we pride ourselves in having brought many quality listings onto the BSE, and continue to do so at present.

Formerly known as Investec Securities (Botswana) (Pty) Limited, we were the second stockbrokerage firm to be registered in Botswana, with trading activities commencing in 1998. More significantly, we are proud to have been the first stockbrokerage company in Botswana to be set up as 100% wholly citizen owned, managed and controlled, with a firm commitment towards helping develop the capital markets in Botswana. We consistently top the leader board chart in terms of market share.

To safeguard against any potential trading risks, Motswedi is supported in some key areas by industry leading institutions that are market leaders in their respective fields. For example, Standard Chartered, FNBB and Stanbic Custodial Services all serve as both custodial and settling agents. With a firm belief in the importance of strong governance, Motswedi is audited by Ernest & Young.

We pride ourselves on the incredible talent of our team, spearheaded by our CEO, Mr. Martin Makgatlhe. Martin is an economist by training and a 27-year stock exchange veteran who has spent all his working life in the stock market.

We have a clear and focused Vision

To be the securities company of choice, providing exceptional service to Investors by being their partner, and helping create wealth.

Our business philosophy is simple

From the day we first opened our doors for trade, we have maintained a simple philosophy for our existence: to create wealth. We do this by leveraging our extensive Insight on appropriate investment opportunities on the BSE and on other exchanges around the world. Our work and efforts are tailored to allow our clients to achieve their goals of wealth creation and success through a philosophy we call “WIIAS.”

1. Wealth
2. Insight
3. Investment
4. Achieve
5. Success

WIIAS = “why-us” = “Why us?” Our WIIAS philosophy guides our every action, as we ask this of ourselves at every turn, every step, and every effort, ensuring we remain firm in our mandate, our conviction, and our Vision.

Motswedi Securities Trust

We established Motswedi Securities Trust, which is independent of Motswedi Securities (Pty) Ltd, its shareholders and its Board. The Trust has been set up to ring-fence clients’ assets from those of Motswedi Securities (Pty) Ltd.

Invest in the
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Contact us, we offer quality service to individuals and institutions who seek to gain wealth.

A member of the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE), we offer quality service to individuals and institutions who seek to gain wealth.