Motswedi Team Building

Sometimes working with people and always seeing them in suits may get tiring. “All work no play” too isn’t heathy. In effort to get to know new staff members and groom the existing Team MS bond, the team took a young adventure.

We visited Off Road Extreme located in Oodi where a couple of activities were lined up ready for us to do. Some of these tested our physical strength while some were a good exercise to our minds. We played water race and 30 seconds which required team work and quick thinking which enhances the art of problem solving skills. The team proved its balancing skills through its exceptional performance during the egg race. After working out our muscles over sack race and tug of war it was time to relax.

We all know that where there is food and good music there are vibes. We got to know more of each in a more relaxed setting while sharing a meal. The team returned stronger than it went.

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